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J** McKinley 3 months ago

"My first session with Julia was great. She listens to you and your body and totally takes her time getting it where it needs to be. The session room was very relaxing, just the right temperature and the hot stone treatment was a definIte plus. I highly recommend Julia and have another session scheduled in a week"

G*** Enterprises 2 months ago

"Julia did a great job focusing on my trouble areas and I felt very relaxed. I could tell the moment that I met her that she is passionate about her job. Her prices are beyond reasonable and her home was very welcoming and had a relaxing spa feel. I have another appointment in 2 weeks. I highly recommend her!"

Meri Wells 5 months ago

"I was introduced to massage by Julia 5 years ago. Tried experimenting around with different places. I always compared other LMT's to her. She has been the best by far that I have been to! She takes her time and delves into where you are having the issue. I highly recommend seeing Julia!"


Last year and beyond

"I had bursitis in my shoulder. After just one session with Julia, the pain decreased. After a few more, the pain was and still gone." M. Davis 

"I always feel better after a session with Julia" J. Short

"I started getting massaged once a wekk with Julia. After 2 months, I am no longer on pain medication" B. Walker

"Not like any other massage I have ever had- I feel dreamy" A. Coleman



**These statements were given by each client about their own personal experience, your results may be different**

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