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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Massage is not just about technique, it is also art. At Serenity Massage & Energywork, we take whatever modalities offered are needed, and skillfully melt them together into a seamless experience.  

Massage Services

Swedish Massage 1 hr $50     90 min $80     2 hr $100

Myofascial Release 1 hr $50   90 min $80    2 hr $100

Pregnancy Massage 1 hr $50   90 min $80    2 hr $100

Oncoloy/Cancer Massage 1 hr $50   90 min $80      2 hr $100

Trigger Point Massage 1 hr $50   90 min $80    2 hr $100

Senior Massage 1 hr $50   90 min $80    2 hr 100

Hot Stone Massage 1 hr $80   90 min $100    2 hr $130

Aromatherapy Massage 1 hr $60   90 min $90   2 hr $110

BodyArt Therapy Massage starting at 1 hr $80


Add on Services

Heavenly Exfoliating Scrubs hand or feet $10  both $18

Take a break and disconnect from your devices while enjoying this deeply therapeutic hand and arm massage. Techniques to combat overworked hand, wrist, and forearm muscles due to texting, typing, or tweeting or calves, ankles and feet due to standing for long periods of time and heavy lifting. 1st hot towels are applied. Then a custom scented scrub is gently applied to soothe away dead skin.  Hot towels are used again to remove the scrub and open pores. Finally a custom scented luxurious body butter is applied using deeply relaxing massage strokes.

Mini Chakra  $10

Addresses up to 3 chakras using aromatherapy, singing bowls, gemstone elixirs, crystals and/or energywork.

Hot Oil scalp massage $10 w/aroma $15

Massaging the scalp and hair with warmed oil stimulates the circulation, nourishes the hair roots, relieves mental fatigue and stress, enhances mental clarity, and balances emotions.  Aromatherapy, combined with selected base oils, can have a beneficial impact on hair and scalp health, stress release or relief of headaches.

Sinus Relief  $10

The session begins with the feet wrapped in hot moist towels.  This technique helps draw the blood away from the head.  Then massage strokes are applied to the face that help to open sinuses. Cold stones are selectively placed on the face to enhance sinus relief while the hot towels are removed from the feet and aromatherapy is applied while the feet are massaged for a few minutes

Custom Aromatherapy  $10

Selecting from our array of essential oils, a custom scent is designed with the goal of the client in mind- stress relief, pain reduction, relaxation etc. The combination is then mixed into our massage lotion. This blend is then used throughout the massage session. Any remaining lotion is given to the client to take home.

Cryo-Therm Muscle Therapy  $10

Hot and cold stones are alternatively used on specific area of the body that is holding tension, has adhesions or is painful. this application causes muscle confusion and most often leads to release. Highly effective. 

European Face Lifting Massage adds 30 min $45

This decadent ritual begins with wrapping  the face with warm wet face cloths while massaging neck and shoulders and scalp. The towel is then removed and a fruit puree is applied while the face is massaged. Next the puree is removed with warm wet face cloths. Next a layer of skin healing clays are applied and  cooled cucumbers are placed over closed eyes. while your hands are massaged.  Finally warm wet cloths remove the clay,  and cooled cloths are applied. finally a luxurious  face massage cream is applied and the cooled cucumber are removed.

Color Therapy  $10

 Color Therapy is also called Chromotherapy is classified as a Vibrational healing modality and is complimentary and holistic . It works in subtle ways and makes use of the healing energy contained in the visible rays of color. Treatment choices include colored crystals, silk draping, gemstone elixirs or colored light shone on the body. All options are concurrent to the massage session.

Sound therapy $10

A Vibrational healing modality that uses singing bowls or tuning forks . Sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being. Eileen McCusick, author of "Tuning The Human Biofield", has been exploring the theory that our subtle body acts as memory storage. McCusick suggests that. If we apply frequency with tuning forks (or singing bowls) we can help blocked energy move toward the energetic filtration system of each chakra, so that the stuck energy can be recycled back into our life force.


Nurturing Services

Face and Scalp Rejuvenation Therapy 60 min $60    90 min $90

Combines our European Face Lifting Massage and our Hot Oil Scalp massage for a renewal of face, scalp and hands. Truly uplifting. The 90 min version also includes 30 min of focused massage.

Tension Tamer Therapy 1hr $80    90 min $110

During this whole body massage different techniques are used to release upper body stress and tension using a custom blend of essential oils, hot towels and scalp massage to melt away muscle soreness in your back, neck, head and shoulders. Cro-Therm stones are also utilized on the face and neck to loosen traditional areas of stress holding. Great for migraine sufferers.

Body Wrap Therapy 1 hour $80  90 min $110

Body wraps are a form of spa therapy. There are benefits to getting a body wrap. Treatments that include mud, clay, seaweed or algae are detoxifiers and help the body through the healing properties of each kind of wrap. Scrubs exfoliate the skin and open pores.  Treatments include cream- such as shea butter- which have a hydrating effects and can leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

The Ocean- this rejuvenating treatment starts with a ocean inspired sea salt, seaweed and kelp scrubs then the body is wrapped with a moist heat seaweed infusion which nourishes the body through minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. The treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces bloating, and detoxifies. While you are wrapped you will receive a relaxing scalp massage or foot massage. Finally hot towels are used again to remove the seaweed mask and a ocean scented body butter is applied. Please inform your practitioner if you have seafood allergies.

The Desert in Bloom - This restorative treatment starts with a Moroccan clay, dead sea salt and spice body scrub, followed with hot towels to remove the scrub and then a heated wrap in pure warm shea body butter scented with the blooms of the desert. While you are wrapped you will receive a relaxing scalp massage or foot massage. After the wrap is removed, any remaining shea butter is massaged in, leaving your skin hydrated, moisturized, and feeling stress free.

The Mountain - This grounding treatment starts with a triple blend of healing clays spa mud and earthy essential oils. After the clays are applied the body is wrapped in warmth and allowed to settle for 15 minutes. Afterward, hot towels are applied to remove the clay and any dead skin cells. Finally a stabilizing blend of essential oils blended with a creamy body butter is applied during the massage leaving you feeling steady and well rooted with glowing skin.

Cloud 9 - This uplifting treatment starts with a soft dry brush body buff to stimulate lymph flow and remove dead skin cells. Next the body is wrapped in cloths soaked in our dreamy blend of essential oils and allowed to infuse the body with warmth and bliss.  Either a scalp or foot massage is applied while the body is wrapped. Afterwards 15 minutes, the body is unwrapped and body butter is applied leaving you feeling thoroughly relaxed.

Penetrating Muscle Therapy 1 hr $65   90 min $95

A full body massage ending the focus work on a specific area (either neck and shoulders, back, arms or legs). Hot towels are first applied followed by prossage muscle warming oil whole the area is massaged using whichever technique is best suited to the client. More hot towels are applied to remove the prossage and then small amount of biofreeze is applied to an even more specific area to relieve pain.  This treatment has a great track record for relieving or eliminating pain.

Stimulating Foot Massage 1 hr $50

 For tired and heavy feet.  Starting with a foot scrub followed by a soothing footbath with sea salts and essential oils. While the feet are soaking a hand massage is applied with rich massage cream.  After soaking, the feet and lower legs are treated to a stimulating massage with hot and cold stones stimulating circulation and leaving your feet feeling alive and tingling.

Flowing Tides Hot Oil Treatment  1hr $65   90min $95

Copious amounts of warmed herbal or essential oil infused oil is poured over each body section and moved with flowing movements in a wave with hot stones or hands.  This deeply relaxing and luxurious treatment relieves stress ands reduces muscles soreness.

Abdominal Massage  1  hour $50   90 min $80

Goddess  Specifically designed to help women with reproductive issues this treatment starts with a hot towels compress over the abdomen, then a powdered rose petal and sugar scrub with  Rose, geranium and ylang ylang essential oils is applied to the abdomen in gentle circles. Cool towels are then used to clean of the scrub and a matching body butter is applied. A light massage is also applied to the whole body afterwards.

Digestive Health Specifically designed to help with digestive  issues this treatment starts with a hot towels compress over the abdomen, then a powdered sea clay, kelp and salt scrub with  ginger, peppermint and  lavender essential oils is applied to the abdomen in gentle circles. Cool towels are then used to clean of the scrub and a matching body butter is applied using strokes designed to aid peristalsis.

Blissful Dreams 1 hr $65    90 min $95

  A sleep inducing experience that begins with a dry-brush exfoliation followed by full body massage with sleep inducing aromatherapy scented body butter.

Whole body salt/sugar glow  1hr $80      90min $110

In many cultures around the world, salt, sugar, granulated pumice stone and other natural ingredients have been used for centuries to simulate circulation, cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

Are regular scrubs too harsh on your sensitive skin?  Try our brown sugar body scrub.  The granules are smaller and gentler, and contain glycolic acid, which supports cell turnover, fights bacteria that cause acne, and heals sun damage.  It  also absorbs moisture from your environment and deposits it into your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and conditioned.  An absolute must for your skin care routine. Your choice of scent.

The Hawaiian Experience  60 min $90  90 min $120  2 hr $140

Experience Hawaii  right at home. with intoxicating ingredients of Kaua’i Clay, pua aloalo (Hibiscus) and Ginger in this unique treatment. While the sounds of the ocean play in the background, you are covered  the warmed clay mix. The clay is given time to dry in the open air (you are not wrapped) as you receive a hand and foot treatment.  When the clay has dried, hot towels are applied as the clay is softly wiped away.  Next, a custom scented body butter reminiscent of Hawaii made with coconut oil is applied to your entire body.   In the 90 and 120 minute versions you will receive a full body massage as the body butter is being applied, in the 60 min version the body butter is applied without massage.

The Chocolate Experience Body Scrub and Massage 60 min $90  90 min $120  2 hr $140

The ultimate chocolate experience.  We start with a full body exfoliation with our chocolate scrub.  Next, hot towels are used to softly wipe away the scrub. Then we apply our Chocolate Mousse Shea body butter to massage your body, leaving your skin and your muscles feeling incredible! Session ends with a chocolate truffle to take home.

The Viking Experience Ice  and Fire -  60 min $80  90 min $110 2 hr $130

Reminiscent of the Scandinavian cure of sauna and ice baths, this treatment is the ultimate in muscle confusion leading to muscle and pain release. This treatment starts with traditional Swedish massage strokes with hot oil to identify areas of pain and tension and increase blood circulation. As each area is worked, hot stones and ice are rotated back and forth using varying massage strokes to assist release.   Once an area is finished a hot towel is used to compress the area followed by tiny amount of biofeeeze to the two most problem areas. This is a great option for athletes, bodybuilders, and for helping to heal non acute injuries.


Hands-on bodywork, sound healing, bodyart and energy work will get the job done, but what if you could experience it all in one session?

Have you ever been to an energy worker and wished, "if only they would do a little massage work" Or, been in a massage and wished, "if only they would just pause and address my chakras.."

Some people don't have time to go to two or three different therapists in order to address all their systems and experience all of these approaches. Serenity Massage and Energywork therapists are trained in it all. With over 25 years experience in the alternative healing community and her Associates degree in applied science: massage, Julia's skill at the modalities offered will assure you get the experience you are after- all in one place.

 Energy Services

Reiki/Energy Healing Massage 1 hr $60  90min $90

Pronounced Ray-key - is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, healing and relaxation. It was brought to the world through Mikao Usui in March 1922.

It is a laying on of hands technique that allows the universal energy to flow through the practioner to help bring about change within the client.

Reiki literally means Rei- Universal or spiritual wisdom and Ki - Life energy.

The practioner does not 'guide' the energy but simply is a conduit that allows this energy to flow and go where it is needed.

In order to 'do' Reiki the practioner must :

1. have permission from the client

2. have an exchange of energy i.e. money, trade, barter and finally

don't claim anything that comes from Reiki- it is not the practioner 'doing it'.

Energy Healing

Everything is energy and has it's own unique, measurable, electromagnetic frequency. Energy Healing works with the subtle vibrational frequencies of the body to cleanse and purify, heal and balance, and to energize and strengthen the body's organs and systems. Energy Healing can be used for relaxation, to promote healing on all levels and to increase and amplify your energetic frequency. It is very gentle and works in complete and total harmony with the body, creating profound results.

Energy Healing can be used in conjunction with all of the services I offer. Each session is unique, allowing for what is needed in the moment.

Energy Healing may include aspects of the following services:

    Crystal Therapy using crystal layouts and stones

    Sound Therapy using Tibetan singing bowls

    Comfort touch, MFR

    Aromatherapy using therapeutic grade essential oils


Chakra Therapy Massage  90min $100     2hr $120

This unique experience blends Reiki and/or energy work, massage techniques, aromatherapy, crystal and color therapies, and sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls to restore your body while balancing your energy. Massage with infused oils designed for each chakra addresses muscular tension and imbalance while gentle energy techniques promote deep relaxation. An ultimate healing journey for body, mind, and spirit.

The Chakra’s are known as Wheels/Disks/Spheres/Orbs/Balls of Light. Their function is to spin and draw in “Chi” or Life Force to keep the spiritual , mental, emotional, and physical health in balance. The Chakra’s interpenetrate each other and correspond with a particular color frequency, endocrine gland, or part of the human body. These parts of the body also vibrate at sympathetic frequencies, and a particular color will correspond to the area of the body that shares the same frequency.

When the chakras are open and balanced in relation to each other, they allow the free flow of subtle energies throughout the body. When a chakra is closed, shut down, unbalanced or blocked in some way, it can lead to physical symptoms: reflected in a whole range of mental, emotional and physiological dysfunction.

An example is that when we are afraid to express our feelings or are overcome with emotion, sometimes our throat tightens up and we get that ‘lump in our throat’. This is the throat chakra trying to process that emotion.  The throat chakra is the center of expression and the lump is a physical manifestation of that energy/emotion.

Though Chakras are may or may not be a scientific fact, ancient literature from around the world suggests that their balancing was part of the whole process employed when healing any level of dysfunction. Balancing the body in the way ancient cultures have may be the missing link in health care today.

Crystal Therapy Massage 1hr $60      90min $90

Crystal therapy is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Crystal therapy is combined with various massage techniques.  Our energetic imbalances end up manifesting as physical ailments, mental or emotional issues. Crystals can help  re-align our energetic frequencies by removing emotional and physical blocks.  Crystals entrain energy around them, reducing entropy and creating health, longevity and coherence. With intuition as the foundation, a session may include the “laying of stones”- placing crystals and stones on or near the body, chakra balancing and Reiki- Universal Life Force energy, “laying of hands” to cultivate balance and massage. Prior to your initial session  you will complete an intake form. You will stay fully clothed unless receiving massage as well. You would lie face up on a massage while, crystals, Reiki and aromatherapy may all be incorporated into your healing session to maximize the healing effects. At the end of your session, you will receive a handout so that you can continue to work with crystal energy. This is a deeply relaxing session.  

Singing bowl Therapy Massage 1hr $60    90min $90

Singing Bowls naturally cause chakras to self correct. The sound waves, in the form of sine waves, run correcting frequencies to the unbalanced chakras, bringing them back to normal functioning. I use them before and after your full body massage.

Oil Drop Therapy 1hr $80  90min $100

There is one name for this technique which is copyrighted and is considered by 90% of all registered aromatherapists  to be dangerous in that the technique is applied with undiluted essential oils. I DO NOT USE UNDILUTED OILS. However, the technique- applying  specific essential oils to the spine and massaging each area is a good one. Each Oil Drop session is tailored to fit each individual client and therefore the essential oils used during the session will change.  It is a deeply healing and totally relaxing modality.

Shamanic Healing Massage 1hr $80  90min $100

Are you ready to perhaps Re- Unite with lost parts of yourself, dreams and goals? Understand the deeper parts of your life patterns, and connect to your soul contacts? Clear blockages with the goal of letting go of anxious feelings and depression?

Connect to your higher self?

The Shamanic Healer strives to create balance and harmony of the spirit while also empowering the client to transmute the issues that are contributing to his or her physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges thus enabling them to accept responsibility for their own healing process. The focus is on the following aspects, Power Loss, Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval, Intrusions and Releasing, and Ancestral Work. From the Shamanic perspective, the cause of illness arises from dis-empowerment as a result of negative or traumatic life experiences or when we make choices that are not in alignment with our higher selves.

One of the most important aspects is one of empowerment of the client and this includes deconstructing subconscious beliefs and energetic imprints that do not support the clients wellbeing and physical health. Without proper resolution on the emotional and spiritual levels, conditions can reemerge time and time again even though they may seem to have physically healed.

Shamanic Energy work gently addresses imbalances in the body and restores balance in the subtle body by releasing blocks, flushing out stagnation and reestablishing a renewed flow of energy that promotes healing and a sense of wellbeing. Energy work can also help identify issues before they manifest as pain or similar disruptions in the physical body by bringing attention to the areas that we need to work on and heal in order to create balance, maintain health and vitality in our lives.

Shamanic Healing is complimentary and adjunct to traditional medical and psychological services and addresses the spiritual nature of illness. (Please see Disclaimer at the bottom of this page) but is is not for everyone. If you have strong spiritual beliefs against such practices, this modality is not for you.  And that's ok. This is for the cosmic person, the mystic, the seeker, the experience junky. If that's you, I will take you on a journey using intricate deep and light bodywork techniques, sound healing, aromatherapy, and energy work.

“Shamanism is based on the teachings of the earth, of direct communication with nature. Shamanic healing practices help us to reconnect to the earth and to our own inner nature because they are founded on disinheriting the immune system, and exhilarating the body’s ability to heal itself so that we can return to our natural state of wellness and being. In doing so we, discover that we are not walking the world alone, but are fully supported by an inexhaustible resource-spiritually, energetically,emotionally.” -Alberto Villoldo PH.D

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

    Remove Energy Blocks

    Correct Chakra Imbalances

    Break old patterns

    Enhance ability to create desired life changes

    Increased vitality and power

    Expanded sense of wholeness and wellbeing

    Change limiting beliefs

    Understand yourself and your soul contracts

    Reconnects to your higher self

Color Therapy Massage  1hr $60    90min $90

Are you aware that color is pure energy and that each color of the rainbow vibrates at a different frequency which reach you through light rays?
Color energy comes to earth in the form of electromagnetic vibrations contained in white light. It is sensed by the eyes and interpreted by the brain to produce the visual images of color. The energy from colored light travels to the pituitary gland and triggers hormone production. Color is absorbed by the skin and effects every cell in our bodies, all cells are light sensitive so color vibrations affect their growth and behavior causing biochemical changes.

Apart from taking colored light in through the eyes and skin, light is also drawn in through our body’s energy centers known as the Chakra System. The Chakra’s are known as Wheels/Disks/Spheres/Orbs/Balls of Light. Their function is to spin and draw in “Chi” or Life Force to keep the spiritual , mental, emotional, and physical health in balance. The Chakra’s interpenetrate each other and correspond with a particular color frequency, endocrine gland, or part of the human body. These parts of the body also vibrate at sympathetic frequencies, and a particular color will correspond to the area of the body that shares the same frequency.

Chromotherapy is also called “Color Therapy” and has been used for thousands of years. Today it is classified as a Vibrational Healing Modality and is complimentary and holistic . It works in subtle ways along with other types of treatment, although it can be used alone with excellent results. It is non invasive and makes use of the healing energy contained in the visible rays of color. By creating a balance of color energies specific to you, harmony and balance can be achieved promoting health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Color Therapy

    Balance Energy/ Chakras

    Aid in Creativity and learning

    Release energetic blocks

    Promotes sleep

   FYI:  Neurologists have found that children with Autism may be helped by the use of color. Specifically the color red seems to counteract the over firing of the High and Mid Brain.  Wearing blue and turquoise colored glasses have been indicated to help dyslexics to read.  Blue colored glasses may help relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease Diskinesia Tremors.


Cupping Services

Healthy Back Cupping 1 hr $50

Fire cupping is an effective massage technique that reaches deep to break up stagnation that creates aches and pains in muscles. Due to the pulling power of the cups there is a dramatic decrease in inflammation and an increase in speed of recovery, along with a feeling of deep relaxation.

Healthy Belly Cupping 1hr $50

A holistic treatment that supports healthy digestion. Soft Cupping techniques along with Swedish massage strokes and aromatherapy focused in the abdominal region boost the immune system and aid in obtaining or maintaining normal movement. This relaxing treatment is also beneficial for seasonal support and general well-being.

Healthy Legs Cupping 1hr $50

Relieve tired legs, swollen ankles, and legs that feel heavy with the this cupping session. Incorporating deep tissue massage with soft cupping this treatment will increase circulation, remove fluid buildup, and improve the appearance of tired legs. Several medical conditions contraindicate (disallow) this modality so please discuss all medical or health conditions with your massage therapist.

Fire and Soft Cupping Full Body 1hr $70

Incorporating Fire cupping, soft cupping and massage, this modality treat the whole body. starting with massage, areas of tension and restriction are noted. Either fire cupping or soft cupping techniques are applied depending on where the areas noted are located. Cupping brings stagnation up to the surface and allows for a deeper release. 


Guided Journey Massage 

Healing Journey 1hr $65  90min $95

Receive the gift of healing touch through this relaxing yet transformative experience. This guided journey healing massage begins with a discussion of your personal intentions and goals and favorite scenery. A prerecorded (in your massage therapists voice) journey* is selected. Next appropriate  aromatherapy blend is chosen. The session starts with aromatherapy opening the way to your personal inner visual journey of healing with a relaxing massage using various massage techniques to ease you back into alignment while supporting greater self awareness and personal energy transformation.  *A prerecorded journey is utilized so your therapist can focus on the physical aspects of this session while YOU focus on the inner journey. 5 different journeys are available.

Cellular Journey 1hr $65   90min $95    2hr $115

Cellular journey massage is a unique combination of touch therapy and guided imagery relaxation. This session starts with a discussion on your specific goals and a selection of an aromatherapy blend.   This massage induces and maintains a calm state, while the guided visualization allows the mind to journey to the places of constraint, stress, tension and holding by being guided on a journey inside your body to 'unknot' those places though visualizations and massage strokes. . This can help you resolve and let go of restrictions, that can cause recurring issues or other challenges. You will leave with a deep sense of wellness, lightness and relaxation.

Chakra Journey Massage  1hr $65  90min $95 

Incorporating various massage strokes, aromatherapy, color therapy and guided visuals (pre-recorded) this session aligns the mind-body-spirit. Each of the chakras is experienced.  Starting at the feet with Potential moving through all 9 chakras into Divine Union this treat helps you become in tuned with your chakras.



Congrats! Since you read this far you get a special rate!

60 min Hot stone Massage with Aromatherapy- reg. $90 discounted to $36 for first time clients.

***Please mention this discount when making your appointment, or you will be charged the regular rate***

This special rate is valid for 1st time clients only.
You may pay for other 1st time clients.
If you no call no show (NCNS) for your massage session. you forfeit this special rate.
Refunds will not be given if you NCNS.
One rescheduled appointment is allowed with this rate, after that the rate is not available and you must pay the regular rate.
If you have prepaid then you must pay difference between the special rate and the regular rate.


***Disclaimer Serenity Massage & Enerywork (Julia Lawrence LMT) aligns itself with the model of Integrative and Holistic Healing. Shamanic Healing, Energy Work, Reiki, Integrative Reflexology, Sound Therapy, BodyArt Therapy, Guided Meditations and Color Therapy are natural, complementary and adjunct to Western Medicine.

Serenity Massage & Enerywork (Julia Lawrence LMT) does not provide medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment and the information provided through this website should not be used in diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care.

If you suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, please consult with an appropriate health care provider. ***

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