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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a powerful tool.

 In our frantic modern world, meditation in many forms is becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to relax, de-stress, accelerate their spiritual development and enhance their quality of life.

 What is Guided Meditation?

Visualization, or creative visualization as it is sometimes referred to, is the use of mental imagery to effect positive changes in your life. Guided meditation if one form of this.

Guided meditations help you to vividly imagine positive experiences that represent, either directly or symbolically, whatever changes you wish to express in your life. Used properly, it can activate your body's innate healing abilities.

 Guided meditations are tailored to achieve specific outcomes indicated during consult such as:

Improving clarity in life
Spiritual development

Experiencing expanded awareness

Emotional and physical healing

Enhancing creativity

Profoundly deep relaxation

Releasing Stress

Increasing confidence and personal empowerment

Opening the heart and healing relationships

Improving performance in business or sports

Resolving psychological difficulties

 Guided meditations may also make use of symbolic imagery, so as to connect with the deeper, more abstract levels of your mind in an effort to encourage profound healing and personal development breakthroughs.

 Guided meditations are more than just a healthy way of dealing with stress; they can be used to enhance your quality of life in many ways.

 What happens during Guided Meditations sessions?

With guided meditation, you are guided into a state of meditation by spoken word guidance. Your guide will literally walk you through the process step by step with visually heavy scenes like oceans, forests, mountains etc.

Guided meditation sessions are be done lying down on the massage table with eyes open or closed. 

Healing Journey 1hr $65  90min $95

Receive the gift of healing touch through this relaxing yet transformative experience. This guided journey healing massage begins with a discussion of your personal intentions and goals and favorite scenery. A prerecorded (in your massage therapists voice) journey* is selected. Next appropriate  aromatherapy blend is chosen. The session starts with aromatherapy opening the way to your personal inner visual journey of healing with a relaxing massage using various massage techniques to ease you back into alignment while supporting greater self awareness and personal energy transformation.  *A prerecorded journey is utilized so your therapist can focus on the physical aspects of this session while YOU focus on the inner journey. 5 different journeys are available.


Cellular Journey 1hr $65   90min $95    2hr $115

Cellular journey massage is a unique combination of touch therapy and guided imagery relaxation. This session starts with a discussion on your specific goals and a selection of an aromatherapy blend.   This massage induces and maintains a calm state, while the guided visualization allows the mind to journey to the places of constraint, stress, tension and holding by being guided on a journey inside your body to 'unknot' those places though visualizations and massage strokes. . This can help you resolve and let go of restrictions, that can cause recurring issues or other challenges. You will leave with a deep sense of wellness, lightness and relaxation.


Chakra Journey Massage  1hr $65  90min $95

Incorporating various massage strokes, aromatherapy, color therapy and guided visuals (pre-recorded) this session aligns the mind-body-spirit. Each of the chakras is experienced.  Starting at the feet with Potential moving through all 9 chakras into Divine Union this treat helps you become in tuned with your chakras

 Julia has successfully used guided imagery with clients in clinical settings (including Hospice), at workshops she has presented and in her private practice. Guided meditation is compatible with any other form of alternative or traditional treatments but is not a replacement for traditional medical care.

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