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Color Therapy

What is Color Therapy?

 Color therapy or cromatherapy, is an alternative medicine method.  Color therapy uses color and light to balance "energy" wherever a person's body is lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

 Color Therapy Has a Long History

 Egyptians built healing temples of light four thousand years ago, bathing patients in specific colors of light to produce different effects. Now, before you begin to disregard this, consider these facts.

Research shows that a blindfolded person will experience physiological reactions under different colored rays.

Noted neuropsychologist Kurt Goldstein confirmed this information in his modern classic The Organism, where he notes that stimulation of the skin by different colors creates different effects.

 “Dinshah P. Ghadiali a Hindu scientist discovered the scientific principles which explain why and how the different colored rays have various therapeutic effects on organisms. In 1933, after years of research, Ghadiali published "The Spectro Chromemetry Encyclopedia", a master work on color therapy. He stated that colors represent chemical potency's in higher octaves of vibration. And for each organism and system of the body there is a particular color that stimulates and another that inhibits the work of that organ or system. By knowing the action of the different colors upon the different organs and systems of the body, one can apply the correct color that will tend to balance the action of any organ or system that has become abnormal in its functioning or condition.” 1

Color therapy is not a "cure all" but it can help with many situations.

What is Color?

Color is simply light of varying wavelengths/frequencies and, as such, is a form of energy that we can actually see and is used in Color Therapy. Color light energy affects all living cells. Used in the right way, color can have a profound and healing effect on all creation, human or otherwise.

Each color has its own particular wavelength and frequency.

I apply color through the assessment of the chakras, aura,  and consulting with the client on what their needs or feelings are about color.

If during our consult you indicate you would like to add color to your treatment, an additional $10.00 is added to your treatment total. This includes a consult and your choice in the application of one color during treatment.

Choices include:

  • Large faceted Austrian crystals of the appropriate pure color placed near/on the body during massage.
  • Natural stones used during massage on specific parts of the body.
  • Silk fabric of the appropriate color placed over areas of the body not being massaged.
  • Guided visualizations of the appropriate color entering the body at specific places during massage.
  • Receive advice and guidance on what colors to make more or less prevalent in your everyday home and working life via intuitive counseling
  • Chakra Elixir- Spring water that has been infused with precious and semi precious gemstones. 1-9 drops are used during massage. Chakra Elixir is not taken internally.
  • Aura Assessment intuitive counseling


 1 - Mary Anderson, Color Therapy, The Aquarian Press, 1986


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